Quentin Delfosse
Machine Learning Group, Computer Science Department, TU Darmstadt. Hochschulstrasse 1, Room S1|03 077, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany
quentin (dot) delfosse (at) cs (dot) tu-darmstadt (dot) de
Meetings by appointment.

Mission. My research is centered around using Neural Networks architectures, the topological transformation they perform and Deep Reinforcement Learning models, with applications in robotics.
I am also a 3D printing enthusiast. Please find more info here.

2020 - now: Ph.D. student at the Machine Learning Lab, CS Department, TU Darmstadt, Germany
2017 - 2019: M.Sc. MoSIG in Computer Science at UGA Grenoble (Double Diploma), France
2016 - 2019: Dipl. Ing. in Computer Science at ENSIMAG Grenoble, France
2014 - 2016: Higher School Preparatory Class at Lycée Buffon Paris, France