Thesis Proposal Instructions

Concerning B.Sc. and M.Sc. thesis please thoroughly read these instructions. Please take a look at the mission statements and especially the published papers of our researchers (PhD students and postdocs). Then, contact the researchers whose work and research topics interest you the most and who best fits the direction you want to go. Importantly, send these researchers a brief but informative email that includes the following:

  1. a brief introduction on who you are,
  2. what you are most interested in,
  3. your motivation,
  4. the time period in which you are going to write your thesis,
  5. your general background (i.e. your major and degree, what relevant courses you have already taken),
  6. what is your scientific (e.g., programming, mathematical, psychology) background.
All this information makes it easier for us to coordinate and quickly provide you with the best possible thesis topics.