Johannes Czech
Machine Learning Group, Computer Science Department, TU Darmstadt. Hochschulstrasse 1, Room S1|03 077, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany
+49 6151 16 22478 johannes (dot) czech (at) cs (dot) tu-darmstadt (dot) de
Meetings by appointment.

Mission. My research is centered around using deep learning models in planning algorithms such as the Monte-Carlo tree search.
We optimize our machine learning models in highly parallel reinforcement learning settings or with supervised learning.

2020 - now: Ph.D. student at the Machine Learning Lab, CS Department, TU Darmstadt, Germany
2017 - 2020: M.Sc. in computer science (visual computing) at TU Darmstadt, Germany
2014 - 2017: B.Sc. in computer science at Hochschule Furtwangen University, Germany

Supervised Theses.
2021 Maximilian Alexander Gehrke, Assessing Popular Chess Variants Using Deep Reinforcement Learning, M.Sc. Thesis, pdf
2021 Jannis Ralf Joachim Blüml, Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning and MCTS for Stratego, M.Sc. Thesis
2021 Maximilian Otte, Creating Emojis with Generative Adversarial Neural Cellular Automata, M.Sc. Thesis, co-supervision Quentin Delfosse
2021 Maximilian Langer, Evaluation of Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Xiangqi, B.Sc. Thesis, pdf
2021 Daniel Siersleben, Extending the Monte-Carlo Tree Search to an Ensemble Method using Teacher-Student Networks, B.Sc. Thesis
2020 Patrick Korus, An Evaluation of MCTS Methods for Continuous Control Tasks, B.Sc. Thesis

Supervised Courses and Projects.
SS 2021 Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting, Data Mining und Maschinelles Lernen
WS 2020/21 Laurin Bielich, Jannik Holmer, Peter Mader, Simon Muchau, Martin Ruzicka, Hatice Irem Diril (team management), LiGround – A modern Chess Variant Analysis GUI for the 21st century, B.Sc.-Praktikum, GitHub-Link
WS 2020/21 Prof. Dr. Ing . Uwe Klingauf, Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting, Prof. Dr. Ing. Dipl. Wirtsch. Ing. Joachim Metternich, Prof. Dr. Ing. Matthias Weigold, Machine Learning Applications
SS 2020 Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting, Data Mining und Maschinelles Lernen
SS 2019 Prof. Dr. Johannes Fürnkranz , Praktikum aus Künstlicher Intelligenz, Learning to Play Bug­house


Publications can be found at DBLP, SemanticScholar