Jannis Blüml
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Group, Computer Science Department, TU Darmstadt and hessian.AI
Mornewegstr. 30, Room 3.01.25, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany
jannis (dot) blueml (at) tu-darmstadt (dot) de
Meetings by appointment.
Mission. My research is centered around reinforcement learning, using deep neural networks. Currently I try to combine modern approaches in this field with transformer networks as well as develop new approaches. My overall goal is to understand reasoning within RL better, especially when used in partial observable enviroments.

Availability of thesis topics. If you are not yet familiar with our thesis notes, I recommend you start here: Thesis Proposals at AIML
As I said, my focus is on RL. Accordingly, theses that I supervise often fall into this area. Here it is helpful, but not mandatory, if you are familiar with PyTorch/Tensorflow and Deep Neural Networks. If you already have a topic in this direction in mind or are generally interested, feel free to contact me.

2021 - now: PhD student at AIML, CS Department, TU Darmstadt, and hessian.AI, Germany
2018 - 2021: M.Sc. Computer Science at TU Darmstadt, Germany
2014 - 2018: B.Sc. Computer Science at TU Darmstadt, Germany

Supervised Theses.
2022 Replacing PUCT with a Planning Model, Adrian Glauben, M.Sc. Thesis, co-supervisied by Johannes Czech,pdf

Supervised Courses and Projects.